My Family Roots

January 28th, 2016 by Regina Nord-Tone

Hello everyone! I’m Regina, one of your hosts at Winfield West B&B and I want to welcome you to our blog, “Our Sweet Home.” This blog will cover what’s new and happening at Winfield West B&B, recipes, and special events. Being this is my first blog, I want to start by telling you a little about myself.

I grew up with wonderful parents in a large family, one of 12 children, on a dairy farm about 20 miles south of Jasper. We had little, but we were blessed with a lot. I was number 10 of seven girls and five boys. My brothers made sure I was rough and tough. I had to work on the farm, up many mornings by 4 am milking the dairy cattle. I drove tractors, hauled coal to our furnace and many outdoor chores. My main love was cooking with my mother. She was a wonderful cook and always trying new recipes. For Christmas when I was very young, I got an Easy Bake Oven. This was when my passion for baking began. Growing up in a large farm family my mother cooked three meals a day. A fresh baked dessert was made daily, so there was a lot of baking at the family farm kitchen.

Our home had many visitors as the family grew with in-laws, nieces, nephews and friends that we brought home. There was always plenty of food on the table for whoever wandered in. How did my parents do it? We had a very large garden and all of our own meat. Summertime was spent planting, growing and canning or freezing vegetables for the winter. Our pantry was always stocked, and everything was freshly made in our kitchen.

I wanted to carry on my mom’s traditions, passion for cooking, and her genuine love of having family and visitors in her home. Following in my Mother’s footsteps, everything served at the Winfield West B&B is freshly prepared in our kitchen.

12 thoughts on “My Family Roots

  1. Annie

    This is a great first blog! Now I know where all your energy comes from. Love the pictures!
    Your website is awesome.

  2. Gloria Rexing

    Great job with the website and your first blog, sis. You’ve accomplished a lot since you left Georgia 11 months ago. Wishing you many happy days at your B&B.

    1. Regina Nord-Tone

      Thanks sis, All this is because of my big wonderful family that has supported me and through the challenging times. Many thanks and love to them all.

  3. Cindie Craven

    I just love the new site! Photos are cute and the family history page really personalizes it for me. Can’t wait for my first visit.

    1. Regina Nord-Tone

      Thanks Cindie,

      We hope you can come visit us soon!

  4. Elaine

    I LOVE your web site! I am so happy that you have realized such a special dream and hope to visit one day. Congratulations! I love you guys.

    1. Regina Nord-Tone

      Thank you Elaine,
      We hope you can come visit us sometime soon too. We miss seeing you.
      Yes, our dream has come true. We just had our official ribbon cutting ceremony this past weekend and Open House and it was a huge success

  5. Jane Borsik

    Regina, What a lovely website! The B&B is charming. Just seeing pictures of the food made my mouth water. I certainly hope we three girls can fit in a visit. The town sounds delightful. Best of all would be seeing you and Fred!

    1. Regina Nord-Tone

      Thank you Jane,

      We just had our Open House this past weekend and it was a huge success. Fred and I would love for you and Jim come visit with us sometime. We miss you.


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